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In partnership with Operation Centaur, we offer psychodynamic interventions for organisations at board and senior management level. Using a Group Relations approach, we get to the core of any relational issues in the workplace and work with intact teams to address them. Find out more information about Operation Centaur here



Through conversation, we will get to the bottom of who you are and what you are here to do. Coaching will help you achieve better clarity on what your purpose is, an understanding of your values and a roadmap towards your vision.
My special interests include self-actualization, identity, creativity and resilience.
I work face to face and on Skype. We will work either in blocks of 6 monthly sessions or we can have focussed two hour or half day sessions on a topic of your choice: work, purpose, lifestyle or relationships.



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I went into the coaching not knowing what to expect from the process and not really sure what I would get out of it. It is fair to say that I had some preconceived ideas and not all of them were positive. My expectation was to focus on my professional life with a view to improving my current work situation and thinking more broadly about  my future career path. In reality, my coaching experience could not have been more positive, more impactful and  more beneficial to both my work life and to a greater extent my personal life.



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